• Something I've noticed about the older set pages is this "box" formatting that all the content is located in. I think it may be a vertical tabber but I can't tell by the code. An example of the formatting would be Alpha's Set Page.

    I'm pretty sure it was from some of the older content creators back from 2009 and on, I'd have to look down at the page histories to be sure.

    Personally I think this formatting is unattractive, but it's applied to a good amount of those set pages and would be a bit of an overhaul for someone like me (who is limited to a certain time in the day and mostly to VisualEditor) to get done. I'd like to work on this but would like the community's vote before I change something that's already mildly a large part of the existing set pages.

    Does the community feel this formatting is unattractive/needs changing? If it does not need changing, should all set pages change their format to this and work on improving the look?

    Remember the vote templates!

     {{support|This is the text that will appear and the main idea of your reasoning should be placed here}} 

    Same goes for:

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    • Support I agree with the idea of changing the old set pages.

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    • Support definitely needs an overhaul
      btw: code is a huge wiki-table. So apart from unattractive design these pages are also horrible to maintain when it comes to editing. Don't like the set template beneath either. Could be part of the planned overhaul.

      Would volunteer to help out designing info boxes and/or layout.

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    • A FANDOM user
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