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      Depends on what you're exactly interested in really. Magic is one of the most famous Trading Card Games firstly published in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. It's heavily fantasy themed putting you into the role of a "planeswalker", a wizard-like being able to cast spells and travel the worlds (planes) of the multiverse.

      Playwise your goal is to win against your opponent usually by reducing his/her life total to zero (althought there are other ways to win, too). The great appeal of the game is the variety of playstyles and strategies, mixed up with different formats.

      Other aspects of the game include deckbuilding, collecting cards, trading, art and of course having fun while playing.

      The wiki contains a lot of info regarding rules, cards, etc. So, if you're looking for something specific there probably is a page for it. If not, feel free to ask away!

      Over time MtG spawned several (digital) derivates. If you're completely new and don't want to spend a lot of money, I'd recommend you one of the latest digital versions: Magic Duels (free-to-play on iOs, Xbox One and Steam). --Search wikia; there's a complete wiki just for the game. ;D


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