Darksteel: Transference deck


Darksteel Theme Deck

What's the next best thing to creatures that can't be destroyed? How about creatures that pass along their power and toughness when they're destroyed? The "Transference" deck explores the Darksteel set's modular ability. It runs plenty of Arcbound creatures, all of which have modular, plus there's a little blue for faster mana (that's right, blue for mana!) and some other zany tricks. Drop the Arcbound creatures, send them into battle, and you'll have an 11/11 flier in no time.

Some of the interesting plays in this deck involve eliminating your own creatures to make your fliers bigger. Rust Elemental in particular is a doozy. Have no fear when playing this 4/4 flier, because the Arcbound creatures turn its drawback into a feature. Sacrifice an Arcbound creature to the Elemental and drop those counters right on it. Attack. Repeat as necessary. But just in case "Ol' Rusty" gets out of control, a nifty blue sorcery called Reshape can simply mold it into a whole new artifact. Another keen ploy is to play Reshape on your Arcbound creature and put its counters onto something with a little more "get-through," such as Spincrusher.

Use Neurok Transmuter to spread a little card-type love around. The Transmuter can protect your key artifacts from being destroyed by removing their "artifactness." Then it can turn around and let you put +1/+1 counters on your blue creatures. Go team!

Some simple but effective improvements would help tune this deck. Check out Arcbound Overseer and Arcbound Ravager when looking for new creatures to generate those valuable +1/+1 counters. Spice things up in the air by changing out the Cobalt Golems for their distant cousins, Spire Golems. This deck runs only two Vedalken Engineers, a lynchpin of the Arcbound-Rust Elemental combo threat. Consider replacing Ur-Golem's Eye with an additional Engineer.

The modular ability is exciting in combination with anything that sacrifices creatures as a cost. Just be sure you have an artifact creature with some kind of evasion waiting to get the counters. It's the most fun you'll ever have losing creatures.


3 Neurok Familiar* C
2 Vedalken Engineer C
1 Neurok Transmuter U
4 Arcbound Worker C
2 Arcbound Stinger C
1 Spincrusher U
2 Arcbound Crusher U
2 Arcbound Hybrid C
1 Arcbound Reclaimer R
2 Cobalt Golem* C
1 Dross Scorpion* C
1 Juggernaut U
2 Rust Elemental* U
1 Voltaic Construct U
2 Arcbound Bruiser C
1 Arcbound Fiend U
1 Spire Golem C
1 Arcbound Lancer U
2 Echoing Truth C
1 Reshape R
2 Skullclamp U
1 Dragon Blood* U
1 Ur-Golem's Eye C
21 Island*
2 Seat of the Synod* C

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