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April 22, 2007
Hi there, I'm Skizzerz. This is a wiki that I frequently visit, so you'll probably see me around either adding content, reverting vandalism, or both.
Contact me: talk page · email · IRC (cloak: @mediawiki/Skizzerz)
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Hi! I'm the main Bureaucrat here on the MTG Wiki. My real name is Ryan Schmidt, although I sometimes go under the name "Skizzerz" (as you can see here). I'm a sysop at StrategyWiki, a site dedicated to video game strategy guides. I'm also addicted to MTG (I almost have the comprehensive rulebook memorized, I read every novel I can get my hands on, etc.).

As of late, I have stopped collecting cards and stuff due to lack of money and lack of time both due to being in college. I'll be in IRC if you ever need me for anything, but likely won't check my talk page often.

Other stuff

  • my decks (either incomplete or outdated (or both), as I tinker with them constantly)

To-do list

Gatherer extension:

  • Allows users to create new card pages simply by typing a card name into a text box -- the extension will handle creation of the page
    • Details
      • Grabs card and set info from Gatherer (beta)
      • Grabs card images and uploads them with appropriate names (such as File:Card_Name_SET.jpg)
      • Grabs rarity symbol images and uploads them if necessary
      • Uses info to create a card page based on the Cardpage template
    • To-do
      • Create /Gallery and /Rulings pages as well with appropriate content
      • Make it work with flip and split cards
      • Implement mechanism to rotate the card image
      • Per-version flavor text
      • Toggle between Gatherer wording and card wording for rules text
      • Figure out some method for Basic Lands (perhaps only one image per set?)
      • Detection for cards with the same name as sets/abilities so they can be tagged as such
      • Figure out why the {{Cost}} template isn't being subbed in on the rules text

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