aka Danny V

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  • I live in Miami
  • I was born on February 3
  • My occupation is Protecting this wiki
  • I am Elemental
  • Dv54321

    I'm back!!!! (Again)

    July 17, 2016 by Dv54321

    Im back. I've been really busy with my school work and my job, and I haven't had time to go on. I've been meaning to go back on. So I'm back. But not for long. 

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  • Dv54321

    New Bot!

    April 1, 2016 by Dv54321

    Hello Everyone. I have been noticing that some people have been using ABW WITHOUT A BOT ACCOUNT!!!

    In other news, I have created a new bot, Avenger of Magic. Please Check out the bots page!

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  • Dv54321

    I'm BACK!!!!!!

    March 7, 2016 by Dv54321

    Lately, I've been really busy with homework, and life, and my internets been really crappy these days. (Right now i'm mooching off of McDonald's wifi.) So, I haven't been as active as I hope. So, I will try to v=be a little more active. 

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  • Dv54321

    I am watching

    September 23, 2015 by Dv54321

    To those people who think that they are "cool" by vanilizing the wiki, think twice becuase we now have an active admin. 

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  • Dv54321

    Okay.... We need help cleaning up this wiki. there is a lot of vandlism, and a lot of broken pages. I am always avalible to help. I am on this wiki more and more freqneut, but I need help. 

    Please tell me the pages that need fixing. 


    DV54321 (Avenger of Zendikar)

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