• Found54

    Main Deck:


    x4 Knight of Infamy

    x4 Knight of Glory

    x4 Aven Squire

    x4 Duty-Bound Dead

    x3 Vampire Nighthawk

    x2 Disciple of Bolas


    x4 Divine Favor

    x4 Dark Favor

    x3 Oblivion Ring

    x3 Essence Harvest


    x3 Undying Evil


    x4 Evolving Wilds

    x2 Cathedral of War

    x8 Plains

    x8 Swamp


    -This is one of the things I need help with so please comment cheap yet effective sideboard cards.

    • Overall I posted this to get comments on the build, and obviously I realize Sublime Archangel is awesome but I don't have 100 dollars to spend on a playset.
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