Hi all,

I just thought up a new combo to win the game on turn 3. It has to be in quite specific situations, but here it is:

On turn 3, your opponent hasn't played anything but land (and has gone second in the game) and hasn't gained any life (in other words, hasn't done anything except play land). You have Ancestral Recall and two Runeflare Traps in your hand, one island on the battlefield and two mountains as well. You play Ancestral Recall and have your opponent draw three cards. Now they should have ten cards in their hand. Runeflare Trap's "trap ability" is now activated, and you deal 20 damage to him with two Runeflare Traps. It's a little complicated and specific, but it will work, hopefully.

Because Ancestral Recall isn't a easily obtained card I don't expect anyone to play this combo much.

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