So I finally went to my local hobby shop to buy some MTG stuff. I met a cool guy that worked there. He answered a lot of the questions I had. I bought a Deck Builder's Toolkit. I got some interesting cards in that box. Boosters were ok, I got like two duel lands. Sold a couple of Yugioh cards to get some store credit. Bought a deck box two packs of sleeves, and a Power of Prophecy intro pack with that store credit. I opened the intro pack for the booster pack in my car thinking I was leaving but no, I pulled a freaking holographic Baneslayer Angel!!!!!!!! XD After thinking about it for a long time I sold it for thirty dollars in store credit. Bought more M11 packs and a Yugioh pack for my brother for taking me to the store. I pulled two planeswalkers, Ajani Goldmane and Liliana Vess. It's crazy I bought eighty dollars worth of products in that store but I only spent twenty one dollars!!!!!!

Haha I think this is a sign for me to stick with Magic. lol

Quick question, can I use cards from older core sets even if the card was reprinted in the new core set? For example if I have a Serra Angel from 10th Edition can I use it if the format is in Standard, even if it was reprinted in M11? Does this also go for basic lands?

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