Sunpetal Grove x4 Aura Gnarlid x4 Rampant Growth x2 Canopy Cover x2 Safe Passage x2
Turntimber Grove Kor Spiritdancerx4 Nature's Spiral x2 Snake Umbra x3
Plains x9 Garruk's Companion 4 Overrun x2 Bear Umbra x2
Forest x10 Totem-Guide Hartebeest x2 Cultivate x3 Celestial Mantle
Hyena Umbra
Spider Umbra

The concept of this deck is to abuse Kor Spiritdancer's effect whenever an aura comes to play and to overrun my opponent with very strong creatures. Rampant Growth and Cultivate serve to purposes in this deck, to thin out the deck and to increase the amount of mana I can produce in a turn. Safe Passage is there for protection until I get everything in motion. Nature's Spiral is there to recycle Rampant and Cultivate or to get back cards my opponent managed to destroy. Overrun is just the overkill for this deck, the finishing blow if you will.

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