File Types

Icons should be uploaded into .png format due to transparency inclusion.

Card images should be included in .jpg or .png format (The wiki uses a mix of both currently, as well as .jpeg) and be taken from sources such as Gatherer or I've also started to appreciate Hunter a lot, too.

Card Naming

A card should be uploaded to a file name that represents its full card name (including punctuation) and set name (to be differentiated from its reprints (even if it is currently only in a single set).

The set name is taken from the abbreviations which can be found on the Set page, or on the individual set page (not currently, but soon).

For example:


This is handled at User:Yami_Michael/Set_Icons.

The rarity template depends on creating the image name from the input of the "SET" and "Rarity" added to it, so it is important that the icons continue to be uploaded in the "SET RARITY.png" format. Set should be in the exact same capitalization (such as over in Shadows over Innistrad) and rarity should match Common / Uncommon / Rare and Mythic Rare (Timeshifted also appears rarely).

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