Here's a post for the cardpage categories.

What do we want on them? Here's a quick list of what comes to mind. Some of this might not matter with upcoming cardpage edits, but we'll see.


A card such as Squire? White. Grizzly Bears? Green.

Experiment Kraj? Green. Blue. Progenitus? White. Blue. Black. Red. Green.

Hybrid...needs a look at. While something like White/Blue would seem fine for a card such as Steel of the Godhead, its currently being used for White and Blue multicolored cards as well. Do we want that? Should they be "White Blue" instead? Or should they just be separate only? I'll get back to this...

Card Types

This seems easier than colors. Mostly. Creatures, artifacts, and so on, most are only going to be one type.

But there are all sorts of combinations that do happen. Artifact Creature being the main one. Theres also inconsistency about how they are handled in the cardpage, not just the categories.

Say we have Scissors Lizard. On the cardpage, do we link it like [[Artifact]] [[Creature]]? Or [[Artifact Creature]]?

This carries onto to the categories as well. Do we use all 3? Artifact, Creature and Artifact Creature? Or just the first 2? Or only the 3rd? Whatever it is, we need some decision in place. Bot fixes are easy enough to run to find any outlying errors.

And then theres longer confusing ones when you get to the theros gods or their equipment. Just all 3 types separate? And a full one?


CMC is automatically added as long as the |cmc= is filled with something. This will continue going forward, and older cards are being checked to add this either manually or by bots. I've considered it making a "No CMC template" or category that could be added temporarily to help fix this (but it would interfere with lands, I guess).

Rarity / Set

Rarity is not added to the categories automatically like set is. It easily could be though. Through a dpl check, I made sure no pages were using the template that werent also cards.


Links to nothing but 1 broken card page (Higure, the Still Wind) and some blogposts that just link to the template. Categories wont make any issues.

Anything else

~Reserved for a post about additional keyword/slang stuff~

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