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Vastwood Gorger
Vastwood Gorger ZEN
Zendikar Common Magic 2012 Common Magic 2013 Common Magic Origins Common 
Cost: Mana 5Mana G
CMC: 6
Card Type: CreatureWurm
Power/Toughness: 5/6
Flavor Text: Zendikar Common : "I've known true ferocity and power. Those brazen ‘planar-walkers' have no idea what wild really means."
—Chadir the Navigator

Magic 2012 Common : The gorger's insect-like eyes pick up the slightest movement in any direction. Its body then whips toward its prey with startling speed, swallowing it in one engulfing gulp.

Magic 2013 Common , Magic Origins Common : "A long and difficult incision revealed that all vital organs are housed in the head, save for a long chain of stomachs, forty in all, leading from its throat to the end of the tail."
—Mulak Ffar,
Vastwood Biodiversity'

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