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Vedalken is a creature type.


They are a blue used for cards that depict a tall, thin, hairless blue-skinned humanoid race, with a dispassionate view towards life.

Mirrodin Vedalken

Mirrodin Vedalken

On Mirrodin, the mycosynth created a vapor which induced mutations in the vedalken, who developed four arms and gills. Soon, this variation became the norm. These vedalken are physically very different from the members of their race found on the plane of Ravnica, and have more inhuman features, in some cases lacking a nose or visible ears. The center of their culture was the city of Lumengrid.

Notable Mirrodin vedalken:

Ravnica Vedalken

Ravnica Vedalken

The vedalken of Ravnica are associated most closely with the Simic Combine and Azorius Senate. They look very much like tall humans, but with blue skin and little emotion. Though the vedalken of Ravnica are physically different from those Mirrodin, some Simic biomancy experiments have produced similar results, including four arms and gills.

Notable Ravnican vedalken:

Alara Vedalken

The vedalken are one of the many races of the broken plane of Alara. Originally native to Esper, some migrated to Naya after the Shards of Alara realigned.

Esper Vedalken

Esper Vedalken

Vedalken of Esper look very similar to their counterparts on Ravnica, but are more spindly, with elongated skulls. The vedalken, like all creatures in Esper, are enhanced by filigree of the mystical living metal etherium. The vedalken are among Esper's most prestigious mortal inhabitants and often hold positions of power thanks to their prodigious intellect and talent for spellcasting.

Naya Vedalken

Naya Vedalken

After Alara was reborn, some Vedalken heretics from Esper were drawn to the verdant jungle of Naya. There they rejected the cold clutch of etherium in favor of the warm embrace of nature, seeking enlightenment in the infinite patterns of life rather than the dusty confines of ancient tomes.

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