Windbrisk Heights
Windbrisk Heights LRW
Lorwyn Rare 
Card Type: Land
Oracle Text: Hideaway (This land comes into play tapped. When it does, look at the top four cards of your library, remove one from the game face down, then put the rest on the bottom of your library.)

Mana Tap: Add Mana W to your mana pool.

Mana W, Mana Tap: You may play the removed card without paying its mana cost if you attacked with three or more creatures this turn.

10/1/2007 At the time the ability resolves, you’ll get to play the card if you declared three different creatures as attackers at any point in the turn. A creature declared as an attacker in two different attack phases counts only once. A creature that entered the battlefield attacking (such as a token created by Militia's Pride) doesn’t count because you never attacked with it.

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