The Zendikar block is the sixteenth block.

It was released in 2009-2010 and consists of the following sets.



Kicker (& Multikicker)

Optionally pay an additional cost when playing a card to activate an ability. With multikicker, you may activate the ability as many times as you can pay for it when casting.


This word appears at the beginning of an ability. That ability triggers whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control.


This is a new creature subtype. Allies have abilities that trigger whenever it or another ally enters the battlefield.


Traps are a new instant subtype. Traps have an alternate mana cost if certain conditions are met.


Quests are enchantments that reward you for certain achievements while playing the game.

Ice AgeMirageTempestUrza'sMasques
RavnicaTime SpiralLorwynShadowmoorShards of Alara
ZendikarScars of MirrodinInnistradReturn to RavnicaTheros
TarkirBattle for ZendikarShadows over InnistradKaladeshAmonkhet

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