Zombie Token

Zombie token

Zombie is a creature type.


They are featured primarily on black creatures. There is a number of multicolored creatures who are Zombies which are also of another color, but all of them are also black. There are few non-black Zombies, however the only color which doesn't have non-black Zombies is white

Zombie is neither a race nor a class but rather a modifier of the "state" the creature is in. While most Zombies are human but come without a race identifier, Zombies have come in various races such as Ogre, Elf, Lizard, Beast and so on. Zombies have been used as the primary tribe for black in Onslaught Block.

Zombies due to their flavor of being reanimated corpses often have a theme related to death in their mechanics, often with abilities that trigger when the card leaves play or is put into a graveyard. Regeneration is also often a trait.

Zombie is also the primary creature type for black creature tokens. These tokens are usually 2/2.

Notable Zombie-related cards

Scathe Zombies 2U


Zombies are often treated as blacks' primary race and therefore are usually given Lords.

Token producers

Blue and Red Zombies

Blue and Red are the only colors which has Zombies that are not black.



Other notable Zombie related cards

  • Festering Goblin - The first goblin which did not require red to play it
  • Dralnu's Crusade - Turns all goblins into black Zombies
  • Svogthos, the Restless Tomb - A land that can turn into a Plant Zombie creature
  • Unholy Grotto - Onslaught's Zombie Tribal Land. Can put Zombies from the Graveyard on top of the Library. Often compared to Volrath's Stronghold.
  • Grimoire of the Dead - An artifact that has the ability to bring all creature cards from all graveyards to your side of the field. in addition to that it also makes them become black zombies in addition to their other creature types and colors.

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